Istanbul Military Museum and Mehter Band

Istanbul Military Museum is dedicated itself to represent Turkish military in a best way that you can ever see. It is one of the most striking museums of its kind in Turkey. After the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet (Mehmet the Conqueror) was built it. The church, continued to be used for three hundred years as a warehouse for weapons, unfortunately  it was began to be used as the warehouse during Sultan Abdül Aziz leadership.

Whether fighting for the Ottoman Empire or the modern Republic, this war machine has a long story to tell. You can listen the Mehter Band while you are visiting the museum.This band is one of the most popular history war band of all the time. Museum presents the history of the Turkish Army from the earliest Ottoman era.

The Military Museum is located in Şişli. When walking towards the direction to Taksim, you can see the museum on the left side of Halaskargazi Street. It is so big you will first notice this thing when you take a step inside. It contains collection of weapons, uniforms, dioramas, artifacts, paintings and stories. For me, it is more than enough to visit this place.

Military Museum provides you the information therefore even if you are not interested in history too much it doesn’t make any difference. I have never seen a fighting force who undefeated throughout the ages!

Mehter Band’s performance is definitely jaw dropping in every second from the beginning to the ending. Band was established in the 13th Century, history’s first military band we have known. It deeply inspired Ottoman forces and spread fear to the enemies. They’re the inspiration for a musical style in Spain called “a la turca“, as well as Mozart’s famous Turkish March, and led to the formation of similar military bands throughout Europe.

The museum is open everyday except Mondays and Tuesdays. 9.00am-6.00pm