Maiden’s Tower (Kız Kulesi)

Maiden’s Tower os Kız Kulesi is one of the most romantic and beautiful place in Istanbul indeed. Magical place to watch sunset over the city from the rooftop with your lover. You need to get a boat and it is quiet a good start for a trip. Cruise along to the Black Sea and leaving behind the coast of Istanbul is my top things to do in here as a local too. Maiden Toer was used ta a toll station by the in the 5th century BC. After than that, Ottomans used it as a watchtower.

Kizkulesi is located in Uskudar district close to the southern side of Bosphorus.It takes its name from a legend. A Byzantine Emperor heard from a psychic that her daughter die  at the age of 18 by beaten by a snake. So he decided to build that tower to keep her in safe. He thought this Bosphorus isolated rock castle protect her from her destiny. But it was wrong. One day a fruit basket came in to the tower, someone took it and gave it to the hear. Then snake came out behind from the fruits and killed her.

Today, the Maiden’s Tower serves little purpose other than touristic. Drinking some wine, unwind in a peaceful historical place, that’s a what I  in The bottom floor converts into a restaurant a night and, at the top, there’s an elegant cafe. You can take a ferry for 15 Turkish Lira to visit Maiden’s Tower.  Fresh and delicious food with a magnificent Istanbul view. It’s so romantic and hauntingly beautiful, have fun!