Rustem Pasha Mosque

Rustem Pasha Mosque

The Rustem Pasa Mosque is a must-see place in Istanbul according to many travel lovers and me. Because it is one of the largest and nicest mosques, can be seen in the city. The Rüstem Pasha Mosque is located in an old and busy market area of Eminönü neighborhood, by the Golden Horn.

The entrance is located on a narrow street above the Spice Bazaar. A sprial staircase will take you from the street to the terrace entrance of the mosque. You have to walk the road near the Egyptian Market. It is at the right side while you are looking the main entrance of the Market and the sea is just behind you. Turn right near the second gate (Hasircilar Kapisi) of Market

Rustem Pasa Mosque was built in 1561 and completed in 1563 by the grand master architect Mimar Sinan for Rustem Pasa. Mimar Sinan built hundreds of buildings and mosques during the Ottoman era including Suleymaniye Camii. He is considered the greatest of all Ottoman architects and his magnificent buildings will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

The mosque has a single minaret and a dome that rests on 4 semi-domes.The Rüstem Pasha mosque is one of the most premium and admiring Ottoman mosques in Istanbul, even though it has a small size.

The Rüstem Paşa is famed for its magnificent use of Iznik tiles of the 16th century, you will be amazed for the first second you see it. These fascinating tiles are still keep surviving in a good shape and cover entire walls and columns. I think these tiles are making this mosque hauntingly beautiful with its vivid colors and symmetric designs, also its colorful windows shows them in the best possible light.

I highly recommend this place for both history and architecture lovers. It is definitely worth a visit! Have fun!

Open daily, closed during prayer times. Please respect mosque protocol.

No admission fee